Kindle Touch WiFi & 3G (model D01200) $56.98

I was planning to buy a Kindle Touch when I found out that it was replaced by the Kindle Paperwhite. The first Paperwhite I received from Amazon was really a paper white and rose. As I researched the problem, I found that several of the early Paperwhite displays were actually white, with rose and green blotches. I saw a couple YouTube videos demonstrating the problem. There was noticable variance in the color of the light produced by their LEDs. The display on the replacement Paperwhite that Amazon sent me was worse than the first – so I set the replacement back.

Scanning dealnews today, I found is selling previously owned Kindle Touch WiFi & 3G units for $56.98. They have quite a few and you can select the condition of the precise unit you purchase. Click the choose best available button and be sure you scroll through several pages before you select one. I picked up a condition 6 unit for my wife that showed little signs of use, but they are also selling condition 4 units that show significant signs of use for the same price.

Here’s the link.

Happy shopping!

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