Office 2013

I purchased a copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus for $9.95 through their home use program. The price was sooo good, I couldn’t pass it up. While I like the improved features of office 2013, this is the first version of office that has left me wondering if I made a mistake upgrading.

Visually, the color scheme of the user interface is awful. Your choices are light gray, medium gray, or dark gray. Dark gray, is the best of the worst. Light gray, as others have observed, is like staring into the sun. Not a useful activity.

This is also the first time that I’ve downloaded an office update that crashed my computer- requiring me to use a restore point. Sure am glad that works. If you’re using office 2010, don’t qualify for the home use program, and don’t have a compelling reason to upgrade to 2013, I would wait in till the first service pack is issued. This feels more like beta software to me.

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  1. Fluro says:

    I don’t do ‘updates’.

    I am of the opinion that if i buy something and it works……. don’t screw with it and possibly send it up the creek.
    My lovely lady used to just click on the “update available, click here” message balloon that always comes up……. right up to the day the computer froze……. and she had to wait for a couple days till I got home to fix it.

    We had words…. she now doesn’t, nor ever will again, just click on something just because it says “Microsoft wants you to download this update”.

    I have good anti-virus/firewall software……. BillyG and his money grubbers can stick their updates.
    If Linux wasn’t so boring and a PITA, I’d go back to Redhat, or Ubantu in a heartbeat.

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