After an EMP, my watch will still be running – even if I’m not

Automatic (aka self-winding) watches are not necessarily inexpensive, but I found one on Amazon that is 70% off and meets my requirements for a work watch:

  1. The time must be immediately self-evident with a quick glance. No busy or low contrast faces for me.
  2. Low profile and subdued so it doesn’t catch on anything or draw attention to itself.
  3. Appropriate on a smaller wrist.
  4. Inexpensive – if I break it, it’s no big deal.

Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Black Canvas Strap Watch List $185.00, selling for $56.03 & prime eligible.

After that flash brighter than a 1,000 suns I’ll still know what time it is…

after my vision returns.

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